Eliott Herbert-Byrnes

Morey Cillar - Juda 

Album Artwork

31 × 31 cm

Album artwork for Morey Cillar project Juda which is a dark dub inspired house album.

Food Within Borders
The Quintessential British Brexit Cookbook

Editorial Design, Art Direction,

19.5 × 25 cm

Includes 35 post-Brexit food recipes, set to disappoint the heart and soul.

Up-to 80% of the foods we consume in the UK are imported from the EU or further afield. Following a hard Brexit, UK citizens could see a huge rise in prices of food items such as butter or cheese, even our beloved fish and chips!

Phonograph Record

Editorial Design, Art Direction, Solo Project

25 × 28 cm

This publication is a personal monograph of vinyl records, focusing particularly on the manufacture and consumer culture. 

 Modern Consumer

 Editorial Design, Art Direction

 25 × 28 cm

Modern Consumer explores our confusion with the material world, through investigation and artist interpretation.

Lucía del Valle
Joe Wood
Holly May Parker

 Exercises In Style

 Editorial Design, Art Direction

 19.7 × 19.7 cm

This is my is my entry for 2019 ISTD competition in the variability and typographic voice category.

I have chosen to do a typographic interpretation of Raymond Queneau's 'Exercises In Style'. Printed on recycled paper, hand bound with a screen printed hard cover.