Phonograph Record

Editorial Design, Art Direction, Solo Project

25 × 28 cm

This publication is a personal monograph of vinyl records, focusing particularly on the manufacture and consumer culture. 

 Modern Consumer

 Editorial Design, Art Direction, Solo Project

 25 × 28 cm

Modern Consumer explores our confusion with the material world, through investigation and artist interpretation.

Lucía del Valle
Joe Wood
Holly May Parker

 Exercises In Style

 Editorial Design, Art Direction, Solo Project

 19.7 × 19.7 cm

This is my is my entry for 2019 ISTD competition in the variability and typographic voice category.

I have chosen to do a typographic interpretation of Raymond Queneau's 'Exercises In Style'. Printed on recycled paper, hand bound with a screen printed hard cover.

 February Campaign for The Canteen
 Music venue

 Campaign, Type design, Illustration

 Useful Instructions

 Campaign, Poster Design, Solo Project

 HTML web page + A0 Prints

In support of Buy Nothing Day 2019, Useful Instructions is a campaign created to give consumers alternative
anti-consumerist activities to do on the day.